Step into the mystery with Anne Gehman through the power of dancing. Trust the wisdom of your moving-self. 

Photography credits Jim Carmody; performance above, Precipitate




Anne has an extensive background in Contemporary Dance performance and collaboration. She enjoys performing in projects that invoke live decision making as well as more rigorously scored or choreographed works. From performances in theaters, to galleries, to site-specific venues, Anne practices being available and values processes of awakening space within herself and others. 



 Anne's current work focuses on Folking. Folking (folk as a verb); includes more than one person and spontaneous composition. Folking comes from the ground up, it is also in the air. Like magic. Folking is being magnetized towards sharing in the making. When people begin weaving together their impulses and observations, folking creates new roots. It's mapping the inner and outer relationships, spherically relating. 



Education is about sovereignty and for Anne teaching is a sacred path. She believes dancing has its own wisdom. Anne intelligently guides students towards self-expression and embodiment. She teaches movement pathways and patterns dedicated to helping students liberate their self-concepts and explore what is possible within their own bodies. 

A dance. A practice and a score. A collective creation.


Giving Way is a body of work, housing bodies at work, trust-making. A way giving vessel. Space for revolution within us. An excuse to hold hands and go for a walk or run! An agreement to really see. An agreement to listen with whole self. A dance that involves hearing with the heart of another, while exploring agency. An attempt to both navigate and generate a high-stakes environment, while practicing softness. Surrendering to the joy of dancing within each other's dance. 

Photo Credits; Jim Carmody. Choreography; Anne Gehman



PRECIPITATE   a collaboration  


Precipitate is a collaboration with cohort Erin Tracy, which is comprised of two interwoven solo works: Pleasant Beast & Knot Knowing. Pleasant Beast explores our animal nature and our supposed civilized being and the modern mythologies that live somewhere in between. Knot Knowing navigates the territory of the body and the act of gazing. Can we dispel the mystery of the human body while maintaining reverence for it? Performers Anne Gehman and Erin Tracy forge space together in a world where women supporting each other is a surprising and subversive act.  

Photo Credits: Jim Carmody

An intimate duet


Left Eye Right I is an intimate duet with dueling sensory recall and yes/no directions in the body.  Do you want to be?  Yes.  Are you ready to be? No. Yes. No. Yes.  Are you? Yes. Ready?  

to be Touched?

Photography Credits: Jim Carmody

Performance Collaboration

A site specific work. A trio. Scripps Oceanography Institute, La Jolla CA.


choreography by Emily Aust

TEO_5711_rot_crop_usm.jpg (tim richards).jpg

A sensory based, multi-media project!


I am so honored to have performed in this work with several other beautiful artists. Thank you Yolande Snaith for creating SomaLux and inviting me to perform!