Anne Gehman's Contemporary/Modern classes are structured around her unique approach to practice based research and task oriented movements, emphasizing released-based technique. Anne's class offers a balance between Classical Modern Technique ( whole body movements/shapes, classical terminology, fall and recovery, floor-work, dynamic shifting through space) and Contemporary Concepts: sequential movements, shifting awarenesses, Forsythe's Improvisational Technologies, Laban's Movement Analysis, Effort & Intention. Anne's intention as a teacher is to provide the tools and environment which help people identify their own creative potential. 

"I absolutely love teaching.  Magic happens when we come together to share experiences and sensations that are unique to our bodies. The studio is a temple of sorts whereby we are given the opportunity to grow through observation, problem solving and practice.  I love providing tools and watching how they morph into each person's body, there maybe nothing more satisfying!"  

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Sunday: Contemporary 10-11:30am San Diego Dance Theater (Whitebox)


Class-goers performing phrases @ SDDT Studio Showing