Tantric Tuesday: Birthday Dunes

What is Tantric Tuesday? An opportunity to put improvisation and exploration into practice via a once weekly energetic offering to nature. What is my intention?  To meditate, ponder, journal my shared movement experiences in nature. What is my hope? To raise consciousness through the practice and sharing of movement. To learn neutrality, to simply be, to open my heart, to awaken oneness. 

Today's Experience:

A gorgeous clear day in San Diego! I was in a very Butoh mood today so this is two hours of sand worship condensed into 5 minutes. I wanted to burrow myself into the cool moist parts of the sand dune- the sand un-kissed by the sun- the underground harmony that feeds the succulent known as "purple ice". This tantric experience held duality, balance of hot and cool, breeze and stillness. I wanted to know the journey of the purple ice reaching ever so patiently towards the ocean sprawling itself in perfect balance.  Delicious dreams have come my way lately, perhaps I'm bathing myself in more than just sand and sunlight today...

One year ago we celebrated a sunset here with bonfire and birthday wishes. Today I'm 31. Enjoy:)