Tantric Tuesday: Los Penasquitos Trail

What is Tantric Tuesday? An opportunity to put improvisation and exploration into practice via a once weekly energetic offering to nature. What is my intention?  To meditate, ponder, journal my shared movement experiences in nature. What is my hope? To raise consciousness through the practice and sharing of movement. To learn neutrality, to simply be, to open my heart, to awaken oneness. 

Today's Experience

As I wandered throughout this trail, every corner I turned fostered enchantment and my anticipation to begin my dancing bubbled up inside of my heart. Then I realized the dance has already begun... Its the awakening, the energetic shift that draws forth, like tiny spirals of light, as I take each step and begin to leave the industrial behind...and welcome her in (mama earth). 

Then I saw her, this babbling brook with glowing amber leaves, intersecting pathways and blood red tree roots seeping into the water and over the rocks. A cocktail of beauty and grace garnished with wild growing cilantro. This the spot!  

This is the spot where I found my flow. The spot where I realized my torn meniscus is healing. This is the spot where I found a momentary connection to Pina Bausch. This is the spot where Cher's hit song "If I could turn back time" played in my head, beckoning playfulness and abandon.  This is the spot where I uncovered the happiness and freedom that I already AM.