Tantric Tuesday: Rock Huggin Torrey Pines Beach

What is Tantric Tuesday? An opportunity to put improvisation and exploration into practice via a once weekly energetic offering to nature. What is my intention?  To meditate, ponder, journal my shared movement experiences in nature. What is my hope? To raise consciousness through the practice and sharing of movement. To learn neutrality, to simply be, to open my heart, to awaken oneness. 

Today's Experience:

Thanks to my awesomely supportive husband we have close-ups this time and he gave me the boost I needed to mount this rock!!! 

Hold onto me rock, don't let me go. How much space will you let me occupy before giving way? I can feel you crumbling beneath my bones.  A labyrinth! Where do I place my toes next? Show me, as I shift, push, pull, break, negotiate. Your sea minerals and desert clay fall and will again be washed away. Who knew it would be muddy in here? When was the last time the ocean kissed your cheek?  I become aware of your delicacy. This mass that is you, from distance intimidating and mighty, a barricade, but I'm at your mercy.  Just a tiny peek under here, please. My head and heart vulnerable to your weighted decay. Cling, Float, Embrace, I'm yours.