Tantric Tuesday: Cactus Garden

What is Tantric Tuesday? An opportunity to put improvisation and exploration into practice via a once weekly energetic offering to nature. What is my intention?  To meditate, ponder, journal my shared movement experiences in nature. What is my hope? To raise consciousness through the practice and sharing of movement. To learn neutrality, to simply be, to open my heart, to awaken oneness. 

Today’s Experience:

Set in the cactus garden of Balboa Park in San Diego... I began my practice with Eyes shut and a rocking or settling sway into the body.  As you will see in the footage, my eyes remained closed until I actually fell to the ground. Surrounded by giant needling cactus... quite a confrontation, an exercise in trusting my other senses to guide (plus I’m nursing a torn meniscus). Soon the experience evolved into a game of listening to my boots crackling the gravel and honing in on the hum of the traffic below pouring into my ears, creating an inner rhythm.

Once I hit the ground, my eyes opened and the gray sky came into me as a transformation... as if I existed underneath a magnifying glass feeling simultaneously giant and tiny. A mere speck in the universe yet giant b/c "I AM". Then it Rained- Let me repeat because we live in San Diego- Then it Rained.

A giant flock of crows flew over my head from north to south; I smile because this was a genuine connection, a victory!  This past week, I awaken to a crow squawking outside my kitchen window. Lately, I've been trying to remember the details of my dreams and its always as if the crow is making sure I do. In this moment of goofy jogging the crows are with me:) I find myself evolving into a playfulness a sense of freedom, Charlie Chaplin shows up, so does Ellen De Generes. Here comes the release... the digital memory card was full at the exact moment that I put the handful of gravel to heart.

I went on to discover a ritual (probably lasting about 20 min.) of nourishing, gathering gravel and distributing to the areas of my self that yearned for observation. It was healing and none of it captured on camera, such is life :) Enjoy