Tantric Tuesday: Twilight by the Bay

What is Tantric Tuesday? An opportunity to put improvisation and exploration into practice via a once weekly energetic offering to nature. What is my intention?  To meditate, ponder, journal my shared movement experiences in nature. What is my hope? To raise consciousness through the practice and sharing of movement. To learn neutrality, to simply be, to open my heart, to awaken oneness. 

Today's Experience:

As the sun said goodbye, a chill shifted through my bones.  I was determined to dance in the night.  The bay holds the reflection of a busy San Diego and all comes to sparkle when the sun goes down.  YOU can not SEE the depth of the jagged rocks beneath my feet or the precarious positions of my lower body.  Half of the experience remains unseen.  Meditative arms float and expansion occupies my blood.  The rocks below are supportive but cunning in their slant.  I balance, waiver and sometimes laugh.  I dance in the DARK.