Emily Aust's "Foreground" Photography by Jim Carmody

Anne Gehman

Anne Gehman Co-founder of youTurn Arts Exhibition, is a choreographer and performer whose work explores the emergence of the unconscious and alchemy of the emotional body.  An active contributor to San Diego’s dance community, she is dance faculty for San Diego Dance Theatre and performs with Yolande Snaith’s IMAGOmoves, Blythe Barton Dance Co. and Somebodies Dance Theatre. Her original work has been presented on three continents. Anne’s current research includes physical tasks which direct performers into altered states of awareness thereby navigating territories of the unfamiliar. Anne is working towards touring her most recent work, PRECIPITATE, a collaboration with cohort Erin Tracy, which is comprised of two interwoven solo works: Pleasant Beast & Knot Knowing. Pleasant Beast explores our animal nature, our supposed civilized being and the modern mythologies that live somewhere in between. Knot Knowing navigates the territory of the body and the act of gazing. Can we dispel the mystery of the human body while maintaining reverence for it?  Performers Anne Gehman and Erin Tracy forge space together in a world where women supporting each other is a surprising and subversive act. Her work Giving Way, was presented at the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park as part of San Diego’s Annual Trolley Dances 2015. Anne has plans to set Giving Way on 100 dancers this coming December 2016! 

Candidate ’17 MFA: Dance Theatre, University California San Diego. BFA: Dance, Jacksonville University Florida (2006).  AA Santa Fe Community College Gainesville, FL. Alumni of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (2001). Anne has also had the pleasure of working with, Jacksonville Ballet Theater (Dulce Anaya), Alberto Alonso, Christina Teague-Mann (Backlight Theatre Group)Fusionworks Dance Co. RI,  Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater, Michael Mizerany & Ion Theatre Co.

Other credits include: choreography and performance of PRECIPITATE  w/ Erin Tracy (UCSD & Whitebox Live Arts Fest SD 2016); Left Eye Right I for Michaels Mizerany's Dancers' Briefs (Ion Theatre 2015);  Eyes Closed for Autumn  youTurn Arts (Whitebox SD 2013); co-directing and choreographing Warrior's Duet (SD Fringe Fest 2013) & Deconstruction of a Drag Queen (10th Ave. Theatre SD 2012) for  Circle Circle Dot Dot Theatre Co. Other performance credits include; Soma Lux w/ Yolande Snaith Imago Moves Dance Co (2015)Taking Space w/ Blythe Barton Dance (2014) ; A Spit of Wax w/ Somebodies Dance Theatre (2011); Infamous w/ Michael Mizerany SDFringe Fest (2012). Courtesan Cafe- SD Fringe Fest (2013) & Ass A Midsummer Nights Fever- Ion Theatre Co (2013).